Since 1995,  Sports Travel Adventure Therapy (STAT) has facilitated life-changing experiences for more than 300 women.

We are honored to share some of their experiences with you here.

“It’s hard to find words to express this incredible life changing journey you lead us on.  

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us, creating this adventure that was  physical, spiritual and emotional.  What an impact this trip has had on us all.  Thank you so much for including me on this memorable trip with the most amazing women who i admire and adore!   Miss you all already!”

– Amy K, 2022 Trip to Nepal

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to fulfill dreams, live out adventures in the most dynamic way and to bring us all together.”

– Meg R, 2022 Trip to Nepal

“Now that I am back home and have spent the last few hours telling my family about our wonderful weekend, I want to send big hugs and kisses to you as a “thank you” for the magical time you planned. I truly enjoyed it and know Nancy and the rest of the gang did too. Your special touches, from the stretch Humvee limo to the sage infused tent and intention ceremony, created a beautiful lasting memory for me. I see why you have a dedicated fan base who looks forward to each and every trip you plan.”

-Katie R., 2015 Trip to Mustang Monument

“The words “thank you” just don’t seem to muster up the feelings I have.  We’ve know each other a long time now and and my appreciation for what you do and how you do it is beyond words. You have inspired and enriched my life and my soul…You have introduced me to exceptional women…The list goes on and on and may it all continue for as long as I can move this aging body. So, in short, let me say: Thank you for influencing my life.”

– Judy N., 2015 Trip to Catalunia, Spain

“My career has taken me to some of the most exotic locations around the globe, yet some of the most wonderful adventures I’ve had were on my STAT expeditions. Erin is a wonderful leader who creates the perfect atmosphere for a journey of discovery. I find that the adventures are a fabulous retreat for my body, mind and spirit. I always return home calm and grounded and look forward to doing it again.”

– Cheryl T., Supermodel, Trip to Belize

“I have been an emotional healer and success coach for the past 25 years and studied with many spiritual masters around the world to find the secrets of Manifestation. Erin’s trip to Wyoming, was part of the process that lead me to successfully give birth to twins at the age of 57. I was able to further commit to my intention, be supported by a wonderful group of women and go through the physical, mental and emotional challenges that represented the every day challenges I faced in my quest to have children at a later age in life. I can truly say that every woman should experience Erin’s magical adventures to help them Life Shift….and Live Their Dreams.

– Aleta S., success coach, emotional healer and author, Trip to Montana

“I am still processing in my mind the effect the STAT trip has had on me. So many things came up for me and which I faced head on in Mexico and it’s been great, and scary, and humbling.  The lessons I learned and am learning about myself and about life because of these past five days together in Mexico with you and these 9 other unique women will continue to manifest in me.  Erin, thank you so much for inviting me come on to Mexico with you.  You are an inspirational woman and I am proud to be able to call you my friend.”

– Linda K., Trip to Mexico