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The Himalayas or “abode of snow” in Sanskrit are sacred to the world’s major religions including mountaineering as a faith.  It’s ever changing landscapes of remote villages, alpine forests, and rushing rivers are set against the backdrop of peaks that seem to scrape the belly of heaven itself.  From Kathmandu to the foothills of Mt Everest, we will be visiting lamas, monasteries, holy lakes, and small villages while hiking through amazing nature staring at the most magical mountains. We will be staying at over-the-top Nepalese authentic lodges, practicing yoga, flying around the mountains in a helicopter, and experiencing farm to table meals with our very own chef.  It’s a trip of a lifetime. Please check out the itinerary by clicking here.

This trip will be co-led by Johan Ernst, an incredible explorer and motivational speaker. Learn more about Johan’s adventures here.

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November 10 – 21! Enjoy days of exploring the Andes mountains, trekking to villages up and down the Moon Valley, swimming in mountain lakes, and of course, tasting delicious local cuisine. We will begin our journey in La Paz and go to majestic natural sites like the famous Uyuni Salt Flats, one of the most serene places in the world. You can download the full itinerary by clicking here.

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STAT organizes fully planned celebratory trips where you provide the guest list and we create an unforgettable experience.  

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