What We Do

STAT facilitates domestic and international adventure travel for women to grow and evolve in a way that is safe, nurturing, and out-of-their-comfort-zone.

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Since 1995,  Sports Travel Adventure Therapy (STAT) has facilitated life-changing experiences for more than 250 women. We’ve traveled to  25 countries on 58 trips and there’s more to come. STAT trips provide women with those “take a deep breath moments” while they travel with purpose.

STAT Ceremony – what sets STAT apart
STAT trips give women the opportunity to explore somewhere they haven’t been, to maybe be with women they’ve never been with, to test their limitations – or lack of limitations – and to go home feeling stronger, clearer, and inspired.

The STAT ceremony has been an integral part of every STAT trip since 1995. Words can not do justice to the ceremony, but to put it simply: we come together as a unique group and reveal our own intentions for the trip – and they become some of the threads that are woven into the fabric of our shared experience.

The STAT ceremony is what pulls the group together, sets the intention for each traveller, and helps people to manifest their dreams or overcome their struggles. This is what makes STAT trips special.