Magical St Barth

photophotoSt. Bart’s, Saint Barth, St Barthelemy.  However you spell it, the entire 8 mile island (tattooed on this surfers back) in the Caribbean is paradise.  And if you’re lucky enough to have friends that live there hidden on top of a hill overlooking crystal clear waters surrounded by lush fruit and palm trees for shade, its your own magical paradise.  It’s a wellness retreat evphotoen for the turtles with their very own house on the  As Christophe, the most intuitive massage therapist says, it’s the first Ashram on St Barth.  Now that made Nevine smile with delight and her beauteous blue eyes twinkle.  Maybe even more delighted was Steven holding his perfect cup of java in the morning.  The beaches are among the prettiest in the world and best of all,  it’s clothing optional… so perfectly French.  Gustavia, the capital of the island, and its quaint harbour is a peaceful place to be and be seen other than of course during Christmas-New Year when the swarms of paparazzi are in town celebrity spotting.  See the island from the water like we did on our snorkeling adventure. What a treat to get up close and personal with the reefs full of colorful fish to Did I mention the good French food at Maya and Santa Fe with views of  gorgeous Grosvenor Beach.   It’s a perfect blend of scenery, food and drink, yoga, laughter and good friends.  As I learn to delve deeper into my yoga practice with magic squares to enlightenment, I understand the Universe is Perfect.  Certainly, it is in St Barth and for Nevine and Steven’s magical

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