Pittsburgh via Warhol

IMG_0101With a population of 306, 211, Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the US state of Pennsylvania and also known as “steel city” with over 300 steel related businesses. Pittsburgh probably conjures up images of football and heart attack-inducing sandwiches as well but in fact the town is quirky, progressive and remarkable gay-friendly as reported in the NY Times just yesterday. So it’s not a coincidence that it’s also known as the hometown of Andy Warhol, a gay icon.   And where he has his very own museum celebrating him as the leading figure in the visual arts movement know as Pop Art.  It was the 20th anniversary gala for the museum and it was a party.IMG_0104  “Andy would have loved this” was the phrase of the evening as his 15 minutes of fame was cut short at age 58.  We were invited because my husband is involved in building a satellite branch of the museum on the lower east side of Manhattan.  In addition to showing Warhol’s art and celebrating his life at the factory, there was a compelling show about Halston, the very talented designer and his friend.  Under the big tent, guests were dressed like art installations IMG_0086IMG_0089while the ushers dressed as flight attendants. IMG_0109 The dancers were pure 80’s disco and the surprise guest performer was none other than GloriaIMG_0094 Gaynor herself singing “I will survive”!  It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.  Dancing til dawn in Pittsburgh!  Who would have thunk it.

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