Turks and Caicos


All aboard for this most unforgettable hidden paradise on an archipelago of 40 low-lying coral islands in the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s irresistible blue/green crystal clear waters and varied dry brush landscape give this place a completely different feel than other islands I’ve visited.  5 couples, 5 days, and 15 meals at the gorgeous Amanyara with its stretch of white sand beach is all because we raised our hands at the We are Family gala in honor of our Suzy.  Who knew we would all be so compatible as we took turns being one of the 7 castaways on Gilligan’s Island.

A couple gilligans, too many skippers, not enough professors, lots of loveys but only 1 MaryAnn!  It’s been 50 years since that first episode but we remember every word of the catchy tune.  Our “3-hour tour” on the water was the best as we danced and sang on deck and off making a stop to see the iguanas where we

headstanded and used the facilities before gearing up for a snorkel in the reefs. The biggest treat was when JoJo, the famous resident dolphin, made an appearance swimming and flipping adjacent to our boat following us for a couple of miles. He put on quite the show and we later found out that the dolphin has its own website and thrives on human contact. Sea, Sand and Sun.  We got 2 of three as the boys managed to play a round of golf in the wind and rain while the girls practiced yoga and indulged at the spa. So the weather wasn’t perfect but the company certainly made up for it.

We celebrated Nat on her birthday at the “must see and experience” Conch shack and again got wild and crazy sampling the very high in protein conch directly from the shell.  Some of us held our head back better than others for a more authentic taste. This took Sunday night dinners at home to an entirely new level.  Where are we going next year?


2 thoughts on “Turks and Caicos

  1. Another great adventure with you Erin and the rest of the Castaways! Where are we going next? Love the adventure always and thanks for supporting The We Are Family Foundation!

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