STAT Goes Philanthropic

IMG_0195Seven years ago, I was introduced to a truly inspiring change-maker Lydia Dean who created GoPhil foundation to empower small grassroots organizations around the world to stand on their own.  And at every opportunity,  STAT has provided funding for various critical needs recently for Anuradha Bhosale (founder of WCRC) in rural India who fights tirelessly against injustice to women. She and her team are devoted to women in crisis and I am devoted to women bonding together to support each other.   Anuradha so humbly told Lydia that her night shelter was in critical need of their very own transport…a tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw)  so they could not only react immediately to women in need of protective services but for anything they need on a weekly basis.  I am honored to share in their joy in receiving this vehicle. Take a look at them in a traditional puja blessing of the vehicle before it hits the road. Beautiful faces as I remain deeply moved for all we can do for human female rights issues all over this world.IMG_4616

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