Blackberry Farm


http://www.calm was the perfect domain from the moment we showed up at the airport to hours and hours of delays for our short flight to Tennessee in celebration of our Wende’s Wild “birthday” Weekend.  The mood was always upbeat no matter how many times they changed the departure time…as long as the bar was open and the food was free.

Ten years ago, Wende had it all as we celebrated “40” in Mallorca.  And we still have it all but what a difference a decade makes.

Surrounded by sweeping mountain vistas and deep green forests on 4,200 acres,  “the Berry” with its genuine Southern hospitality,  is the scene of the love festival we created for our Wende.  Yes, this place brews a rare and powerful connection with nature in the pastoral foothills of the great smokey mountains of Tennessee. But this incredibly powerful group of 15 had enough female energy to create their own smokin’ hot blend of relaxation and rejuvenation.  We laughed til we cried every day all day as we managed to eat, drink and be merry.  Loud and happy is a good thing but not for some of the guests at “the berry”.  Dancing on tables is our norm but musical chairs? And a poolside ruckus over lounge chairs?

There’s a first for everything on a STAT trip. All in good fun was our mantra as we practiced yoga and even hit the hiking trails.

Spa time was essential with this bevy of beauties because who knew this was going to be one big slumber party complete with damn sexy lingerie showcasing and performing gyrating midnight yoga poses.

I don’t think we laughed hard enough and I don’t know where we are going to celebrate the next decade but you can be sure it’s going to be FUF (fun,undeniably,fabulous)…because our very own tarot card reader said so! She has assured us all that the spirit of Wende will live in our hearts forever and we will reflect upon this weekend with great admiration for the friends and memories we created together.

Everybody has a story and we all wear different hats and/or masks on the road we call life.  But we all came together to celebrate a very special lady.  Everyone knows its Wende! And Wende has stormy eyes that flash at the sound of lies. And Wende has wings to fly. Above the clouds…Above the clouds!IMG_0106

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