IMG_2110I fell for Puglia in a big way.  This beautiful discovery located at the southernmost “heel” of the Italy boot along the Adriatic Sea is an irresistible secret waiting to tell.  From the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Sassi of Matera known as the city of caves and the fabulous and enchanting trulli’s in Alberobello

all the way down to Lecce for our philanthropic endeavor and back,  my STAT girls and our “anything you want” guide Michela made this journey a complete winner. PHOTO-2019-05-02-05-04-06Everyone brought their best game and together we created the magic on our paths to set our intentions into the universe.  There was no shortage of laughter especially those triplets from Arizona who never stopped! I want what they’re having. IMG_0121 We were sassy in Sassi, truly in Trulli, and just plain cray cray everywhere else.  The hiking was extraordinary on the coast of Salento to Otranto through magnificent nature reserves on the Ionian coast. We took in vistas of dramatic seaside cliffs always looking around the corner for that lighthouse at the end of the world.  We stopped to smell and admire the flowers everywhere.


After all, it was springtime in Italy and we enjoyed the perfect weather I ordered. Loved our bike rides on some of the world’s most ancient olive groves.


With over 50 million olive trees, Puglia is the world’s leading producer of olive oil.  But not just any olive oil… EVOO!  We learned how to tell the difference between extra virgin olive oil and the crap we get at whole foods. This and a lot more were firsts for me on a STAT trip.

Another was an incredible Orecchiette cooking class.

We practiced yoga in amazing scenic unexpected places…some with a real downward dog.

We had so many Dr Doolittles present at our Masserias.

We even had a pussy pot filled with baby kittens.  But the biggest first and the most fun was our dance off after a long hard day of biking, hiking, yoga, eating, drinking and laughing.  I even learned a new song… Let’s have a kiki!  The video is amazing!IMG_2207

In one word, I can sum up this amazing journey.  Bravery. It just kept coming up during our time together in different ways. Bravery to be a woman in today’s world and to live your truth no matter what. As our friend and everyones mentor Oprah would say… follow your own path.

It will be clear if you listen more to your inner voice and things (and people) that come into your space.  Everything happens for a reason but sometimes you need to be patient in order to hear the call.  In this busy world we live in, it’s hard to find the stillness but let’s keep trying together.   This is what a STAT trip is all about.  Puglia was the perfect backdrop for the week.IMG_2123

5 thoughts on “Puglia

  1. Erin, I love all your trips, but Puglia was one of my favorites! The fantastic group of women and the scenery and tastes of Italy were spot on! Thank you for always planning and providing us with the best that travel, sports, adventure and therapy have to offer…add on great women to that list and you have the perfect getaway!!
    All my relations,

  2. Even after all the journeys taken , I still feel reenergized and renewed, but most of all grateful.
    Thank you, dear Erin, for sharing.
    Because of you- our lives are enriched with new (& old) friends.
    Because of you- We’re pushed out of our comfort zone and are the better for it.
    Because of you- we have the best belly laughs.
    Because of you- there are are always great takeaways, treasured memories and treasured times.
    Is it time for the cruise yet?
    What a special trip this was!
    It’s not every STAT journey that has a dance party.
    What a great KIKI!
    All my relations.
    Much love

  3. Ciao Puglia tribes-women,
    A STAT trip is always more the the itinerary dates allocated on one’s calendar after signing up–its the before, during & after….
    I am in mental motion from the day Erin says, “You’re IN!!”
    Looking forward to all that is special about STAT starts to percolate within the weeks, even months prior to departure. Erin drops her emails related to travel plans, packing list & this time her gift of a suggested OPRAH book to get us connected to the meaning & goals of our individual journeys.
    We show up at our perspective airports game ready–with talking stick intention in hand alongside our baggage.
    Our Puglia trip was fully loaded to meet & maximize all of our STAT expectations-Erin, Susan & Marjorie have beautifully touched upon all of the awesomeness.
    We have all received and grown from our shared experiences. We are all so grateful, we are all recharged. Now, we have an opportunity to return to our lives; shifted a bit, maybe on a higher level, hopefully more self aware, determined & braver.
    Hold onto the memories, the new friends & the energy–
    its “STATic” & we own it!!

    All my relations,

  4. Another beautiful STATT experience. As was said before…..the love and laughter are infectious. The best medicine in the world for all ailments. Puglia was everything we could have wanted on a STATT trip…….the food( maybe some lamb chops) but truly exceptional landscapes and our accommodations were so unique especially the animals who became a part of our family. Our hosts everywhere were fantastic. My favorite thing of all are the friendships that we form on these trips.
    Erin thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this unique group of women I will be eternally grateful.
    All my relations

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