what a difference a day makes

IMG_0446From the sound of the roosters to the busy streets of Siem Reap, we continue to bond.  As our day started at the “singing tree” yoga studio, we stretched and ommm-ed our way to  Angkor Wat’s cousin temple Angkor Thom.IMG_0451..just a tuk-tuk ride away.  At first glance, it may seem like a shapeless mass of stone, but further scrutiny revealed beautiful expressive faces looking in every direction, with half-closed eyes, all looking content and serene  just like buddha. IMG_0463

We even joined a bride and groom for their photo shoot!IMG_0458

The afternoon was even more rewarding as we got to see what most visitors to Angkor Wat never experience.  As a group, we organized ahead of time to donate a water source for a Cambodian village and we got to see first hand the value of our contribution.  It was a humbling and moving experience for all of us. The children were excitable as you can just imagine as my girls brought stickers, colored pencils and frisbes for all to enjoy.  Who knows, this could lead to a Cambodian ultimate frisbe team in the future!

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