A Level Experience


Face to Face, Eye to Eye

It’s empowering to know the universe is perfect and we are all on level ground.


We started our day a little higher than level ground on these gentle Asian elephants in the sacred temple of Angkor Thom and continued our exploration of Cambodian history.

Our mountain bikes were waiting for us as we reached the Elephant Terrace which served as a local viewpoint for the victorious returning army.  On our way to the jewel of Khmer art, Banteay Srei, we rode through many villages sharing the road with working locals in the rice fields as well as children on their way to and from school.


As we passed, the locals shouted “HELLO” ! with big smiles like they were thrilled to see us visiting their country.  So many highlights of the day but the Ta Prohm, a jungle-clad temple with overgrown trees was the most haunting and exotic experience.  Also know as the Tomb Raider Temple  aka Angelina J0lie, the magnificent roots of the trees that  push between the temple’s huge stone blocks are mind blowing!   IMG_0527

We were hot and steamy after so much activity…temps average about 100 in the shade here during dry season. The salt water pool back at the Victoria never felt so LEVELing.  And the 90 minute shiatsu massage was the cherry on top!IMG_0484

2 thoughts on “A Level Experience

  1. I have been following your blog and it all looks amazing. I can only imagine what a wonderful and beautiful experience this has been. I send my love to you all….Ali

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