The Killing Fields

WOW!   A picture tells a thousand stories…but in this case it’s tells 17,000 stories!  From 1975-9, the Khmer Rouge party under it’s leader Pol Pot, tortured, executed and used genocide on the Cambodian people for being “enemies of the state”.  Here in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, no one will forget the tragic chapter of history as it remains home to the Tol Sleng genocide museum and the killing fields.  

It was certainly an education for all of us as we were lucky enough to meet and speak to Van Nat,the only living survivor of Tol Sleng, in his home/gallery.  He was thrilled and we were honored to be in his presence.  To show our appreciation, we even presented him with the World Series Championship Yankee hat that he proudly displayed on his head with a smile.

It was a heavy subject day. Not usual for a STAT trip. Emotions were raw as we headed for the bar at day’s end with gratitude for another day together in this poor country full of rich history.

2 thoughts on “The Killing Fields

  1. Again I must say you all look so serene and Van Nat he looks like he lives in a blue zone, not at all like he has been thru an upheaval! I love reading and learning about such an amazing country.

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