Giving and Receiving

If only we had the power to change the lives of the most disadvantaged children.  Today my girls made a difference as we shopped and brought school supplies for the People Improvement Organization (PIO) to their school and orphanage located just outside of Phnom Penh city.  The children were delicious…smiling, laughing, singing…happy to see us.  They practiced for weeks in order to perform the traditional dances for us.  It was beautiful to watch and see their innocent faces expressing love.  

A Monk’s blessing is the highest and most sacred way to protect yourself from the spirits…so here we are opening our hearts to shield our soul in this city of ghosts.  The water is holy, the flower petals are lotus, and the strings are red.  Khmer folklore is filled with stories of magic where fate is decided by spells and jinxes rather than circumstance or merit. We weren’t taking any chances.  It was the perfect ending to an incredible day and journey with 13 amazing women!

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