Retail therapy

What’s a STAT trip without a little shopping on the Madison Avenue of Phnom Penh…240 street!   We even had our own tuk tuk driver waiting for us at every stop leaving just enough time to catch our international flight home.

What an incredible journey filled with belly laughs and lasting memories.

2 thoughts on “Retail therapy

  1. Erin,

    Thank you soooo much for the AMAZING adventure. It was awesome. Every detail, accommodations, guides, lunches ,hikes, dinners, bike tours, yoga, etc., etc… was Perfect!!! You have this down to a science.

    Meeting with the JWOC and the orphanage was the highlight for me. I could of stayed with those beautiful kids for a week. Very moving and I look forward to continue giving more to both charities. Makes you realize how truly blessed we are and how rewarding it is to give back.

    Look forward to many many more STAT trips!!!

    Gina B.

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