Thanksgiving gratitude

After 2 weeks on the road in Laos, Cambodia, and Hong Kong with 12 incredibly spirited women, I feel more grateful than ever to be home with my family this Thanksgiving.  I still can see those beautiful faces of the children in the orphanage clinging to my arm asking us to stay longer to play with them. It makes me sad to think they are not able to enjoy a meal with their family but it makes me smile to think we made a little difference  in their life.

As this journey begins to settle into my memory, I have many fond thoughts to express…call it a final blessing.

I am grateful to each and every one of you and appreciate and respect all your different personalities.  It’s so special to be able to learn from you. I relish in the laugher and the tears we shed together.  This journey was unforgettable. Thank YOU.

One thought on “Thanksgiving gratitude

  1. As one of the ‘lucky’ thirteen who was blessed by monks and blessed by the ability to connect with the children of Cambodia, I am so grateful to have had the most excellent adventure of my life. The lasting effects of our journey have already been felt as efforts are underway for new alliances and partnerships that will create lasting ties and benefits to and for the children of the orphanage we visited and our collective interest in keeping the hope we saw in the kid’s faces alive…stay tuned for STAT inspired philanthropic efforts to come. Thanks, Erin for creating a forum for personal growth and in the bigger picture, the opportunity to really make a difference. Jen G.

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