The lotus effect

As we all settle back into our daily lives after the most incredible Asian journey, we tend to  feel the effect of the blessings we received on a deeper level.  Within Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus flower has become a symbol for  awakening to the spiritual reality of life.  In modern times, it has become a symbol that represents the struggle of life in its most basic form. So it comes as no surprise that one of the 13 amazing women has continued to be inspired and has created The Pencil Promise which promises to re-write a child’s future, one pencil at a time.  Her goal is simple. For every pencil sold, one will be delivered to a child in need starting in Cambodia and in the very orphanage we spent the day.  Here’s to Susan Barron Trenk and her new venture into philanthropy. As the lotus flower rises from the muddy, yucky bottom of a pond to blossom into a thing of beauty, we wish the same for The Pencil Promise. Please visit as it will be making its debut soon.

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