Learning to Let It Go

It was the most beautiful day of the year in Aspen with 7 fresh inches of powder and we were lucky enough to have booked cat skiing months ago.   The lesson to learn while skiing the fresh is to “let go” while your skis do the work bouncing down the incredible gentle backcountry terrain.  And who better to teach you the lesson than my new inspirational friend Kate Howe..a 36 year old ex competitive skater who hasn’t been on snow for a decade but made it all the way to the Alpine Demo team (only the strongest skiers and best teachers in the US)  in just 4 short  years.  Check out her blog…skiing in the shower…and you will become a fan.  Her story will inspire you to be the best you can be.  I trust the Universe but work daily on being well grounded and making the right choices in life.  Being happy doesn’t come naturally to everyone but it’s your obligation and birthright to be happy.   Choose happiness.  Kate did.

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