Motorcycle Diaries

This was a trip of a lifetime and not for the faint of heart.  Easy Rider meets California dreamers.  I had no idea how luxurious it could be riding on the back of a motorcycle for hours trying absorb all the spectacular natural beauty of this incredibly diverse California landscape.

From Malibu to Carmel, we travelled on back roads that truly felt like we could see the hills where “The Ten Commandments” were filmed. The delicious smell of strawberry fields, orange groves, and wine vineyards filled the air while my ipod entertained my mind alternating between the sounds of female vocalists with a little Dylan mix and my book on tape (Little Bee).

Packing for a Motorcycle journey is challenging especially when you must be prepared for weather changes…although on this trip the weather gods were smiling!  But the good thing about my “lunchbox” sized luggage was that I didn’t need a bellhop at the end of the day.

Of course, we had our biker tats as I set up a temporary tatoo parlour nightly. And I still can’t figure out the requisite hand gesture (up like a fist, down with 1 or 2 figures) when you pass other motorcyclists…but I was told if you are passing a Harley, you open up your entire hand which signifies you will catch their parts as they fall off! Obviously, that’s not funny to Harley riders but certainly to BMW riders like us.

In moto lingo, this trip was NE…Near Epic!  Killer views and great company.  And the characters you meet on the open road are sheer entertainment.

Can’t wait for the next ride!

4 thoughts on “Motorcycle Diaries

  1. Thanks, as always for sharing your unique and exciting trip, E. I will be talking about my “inspirations” this am on A fashionable Life and will be including the STAT Blog!!

  2. WOW!!-Seems like u had a fabulous time..Shhhh-don’t tell Maurice-he will be BEGGING me to join u!!-

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