Persian Immersion

It was one big party!  The celebration was life and the music played continuously throughout the week into the wee hours of the morning…thanks to DJ Dave.   The “Boat Trip II–European Vacation” exceeded all expectations.   It was a Persian Immersion for all to enjoy with a handful of token gringos aboard the SeaDream Yacht sailing from Nice, France to Rome, Italy with stops in Monaco, Portofino/Santa Margarita, Portovenere/Cinque Terre, and sleepy little Porto Ercole.  The Mediterranean waters were calm and gorgeous enough to swim, kayak, and waterski daily.

We even took the bikes off board to ride through the hills of Cinque Terre (five towns) for some necessary exercise and of course a  shopping opportunity. There were extraordinary theme nights from disco to James Bond to our last “All White” dinner with prizes. The energy between everyone was truly incredible and the gratitude that was felt and displayed for friends and family in each waking moment is admirable.  This was an unforgetable experience of creating memories for life and certainly the way to explore the French Rivera/Italian Coast.  We are looking forward to Greece/Turkey/Croatia on the Aegean Sea next….and consider this blog an audition!

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