Independence Days…in Aspen

The 4th of July in Aspen is chock full of celebrations and the old-fashioned parade down main street winding thru all the town’s streets is a sight to see.  The locals and tourists are out in full force and the spectacle can’t help but put a smile on your face…even tears of joy when you witness the recent piece of steel from the World Trade Center permanantly sitting outside the new downtown fire station that was donated by a group of firefighters from NYC.  It’s the American ideals of freedom, bravery and sacrifice that have been etched in our minds forever since 9/11.  And yes, that’s me riding shotgun (sort of) on our motorcycle with the rest of the vroom vrooms making noise…

Aspen is full of people making noise and a difference.  The Aspen Ideas Festival also taking place during this incredible week gathers scientists, artists,politicians, historians, educators, activists, and other great thinkers to present and discuss some of the most important and fascinating ideas of our time.(  It’s a provocative celebration of different perspectives. Starting with Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is a free-speech activist, author and politician who wrote an inspirational book about her tumultuous life . It’s called Infidel. Read it or listen to it with her voice. Then revel in her new book Nomad.  Continuing in the same spirit of inspiration is Greg Mortenson who wrote Three Cups of Tea about how he started building schools in Afghanistan. And he is still working to make the world a better place with his new book Turning Stones Into Schools– promoting peace with books not bombs!  And Ending the ideas in action was our wonderful Israel Ambassador Michael Oren who is passionate about peace in the middle east and makes one proud to be jewish.

Ending the festival was

5 thoughts on “Independence Days…in Aspen

  1. Ok…I can barely write through the tears of laughter from the hysteria…this is positively beyond…Wegman has some competition, now!!
    If there were ever a way to get wayward Jews back, Syd might be the “re branding” needed to reinvigorate the jewish fervor!!!
    So glad for your ability to share your beautiful summer rooted in the intelectual and athletic advantages that Aspen offers those lucky enough to partake. xoJen

  2. You are ” The voice of Aspen” not only showing the sidewalks of Aspen but also how intellectually cultured it can be.
    Thanks for sharing and keeping us informed.
    xo Lisa

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