The Artists are present

This has been a week of ART here in NYC.  With the contemporary auctions coming up at Phillips and Sothebys and all the new gallery openings/exhibitions, it’s a free for all. I had the unique opportunity with a very small group of curators to visit the home studio of Marina Abramovic, a renouned performance artist who recently wrapped up her 3 month stint at MOMA.  She talked openly with us about how this performance piece (I would call it an accomplishment piece) changed her life profoundly.  Sitting in a chair for almost 737 hours (that’s roughly 8 hours a day for 3 months) silently interacting with random strangers who wait hours for the opportunity to stare into her eyes, Marina explained how her entire heart opened to the level that was incredible.  She looked into 1565 pair of eyes and began to see the eyes like the door of the soul.  What mind control! This is an incredible woman with 40 years of performance work….next being 2012 in Lincoln Center. All she told us was it’s going to be BIG!On the other end of the art spectrum, I went to see  Alex Prager, a young self taught photographer who was in conversation with her NYC dealer Yancey Richardson.  Although she needs a soundbite, she did manage to talk about her new exhibition at MOMA featuring her first film “Despair”  which utlilizes the picture above starring Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron’s daughter).    Focusing on the actress’s face to capture the intense emotion of despair, Prager continues to evoke us with her photography of images that are intentionally loaded with story.…she’s being compared to Cindy Sherman but Alex doesn’t use herself in any of her photo shoots. She uses friends and stages her life . She even used her book group below.  I wonder what book they were reading! Go see these and more at MOMA and keep an eye on Alex Prager.

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