Casa La Femme

There is a place for everything in NYC. And this West Village hot spot Casa La Femme seems the perfect stomping ground for a “50 something”celebration with friends. Sitting under our very own opulent bedouin-style tented table amid belly dancers, hookahs and yummy Egyptian fare, you can’t help but fall deep into a hypnotic trance….of a belly dancer!

It was a sexy night and easy to impress a crowd without having to spend like a Sultan for the decadence. Friends and Family are our key to Happiness…always changing the venue for a little excitement.

Check it out next time you want to celebrate with your posse. 140 Charles Street

One thought on “Casa La Femme

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m not sure if that belly dancer isn’t you, looks like you, but I don’t think you have an outfit like that.
    I’m sure all had fun, especially Paul!

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