St Tropez

The ultimate playground for the jet setting crowd and a “must do” on your list of places to go before the season starts in July.  Hurry or there’s always next year. This little fishing village where Brigitte Bardot was discovered and Pink Floyd wrote a song about is glorious.  The light illuminating from the famous St Tropez clocktower alone is an inspiration to painters past and present.  The weather is perfect and the scene is quite french-authentic especially when you are celebrating a birthday with “the newlyweds” and lunching daily at Club 55 (cinquante cinq to those who know)…where the artichokes are absolutely heavenly washed down with multiple bottles of Domaine Ott. It’s the original of the St Tropez beach clubs born in 1955 (hence the name) on Pampelonne Beach.  The late seating is the best for people watching especially the ones coming off the megayachts that dock in front of the lilac blue “topless” beach with “very tan” men selling floppys.  

Stay at the Zen 10-room Pan Dei, which used to be a private home…absoutely gorgeous…where our 2-man band sang to us nightly below our window overlooking the pool. And if lunch was late, dinner was even later at Salama, the best Moroccan food you’ll ever taste.  Then it’s off to Les Caves du Roy in the Byblos Hotel til dawn or at least that’s what YOU should do.  We didn’t quite make it as our beauty sleep was necessary for shopping the morning market  and of course shopping even more into the evening.  Awe… the French Riveria has it all. Stay tuned for the announcement from the newlyweds in nine months!  

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