Summer Solstice 2011

The first long stretch of the summer on the longest day of the year in New York City’s Time Square of all places.  Thousands of lithe and limber yogis welcomed in the summer of 2011 chanting and Omming to the Bikram beat.   And here we are here at 1:16p.m. when the sun appears to have reached its northernmost extreme and seems to stand still in the sky.  Solstice means “sun” and “to stand still”.  Yeah Dave says June 21 is the most auspicious day to break free of routine and we did just that.  Off we went to do something different at the one of the only Hamam in NYC at the Trump Soho.  What’s that you ask? It’s a turkish bath in the middle of the day…the turkish variant of a steam bath but with someone actually washing you or make that scrubbing you hard!   Water was everywhere. Very hot water splashing about (forget about your hair) and then when you’re sufficiently exfoliated comes the Very cold water that makes you yelp.  A completely exhilarating and fun experience… do it with YOUR bestie.  Living life to the fullest!

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