Paws Up In Montana

Paws Up is a 37,000 acre working cattle ranch in Montana nestled under the biggest sky you’ve ever seen.  And the perfect backdrop for a big birthday celebration with your favorite girlfriends and sisters!   It started off with a bang on our very own chuckwagon to parts unknown for one of our many delicious meals.  They call it glamping and it certainly reached its pinnacle (our campsite) situated on a bluff overlooking the Blackfoot River where “A River Runs through it” was filmed.  Our Butler was on call 24/7 to fulfill any of our wishes…yup that’s right…camping will never be the same without a butler. Especially to prepare our nightly S’mores which one of us couldn’t get enough of.  Think Billy Crystal in City Slickers and you will know that you haven’t lived until you go on a real Cattle Drive.  We had our very own cowboys Max and Mike (not unlike Curly in City Slickers) teaching us the ropes while we herded those cows into and out of the pasture. It was quite an authentic experience.  And we even got a marriage proposal out of it…Max offered up his belt buckle for her hand!  And then it was time to cool off in the Blackfoot on our float trip.  Laughing was the common thread here.  Highest water in decades, very cold but extremely refreshing.  Some of us even took control of the oars and the guides! What a blast!  Another day, another activity.  This time it was downhill mountain biking through the Garnet region and ghost town.  Speed was not everyone’s friend but we did make friends with the rocks and we were back in time to enjoy the afternoon’s delight…sporting clays.  girls with guns!   And could you guess who was the best at that after 2 cosmos?!  This was truly an unforgettable adventure of renewal and purpose with a very special group of women.  We are blessed to have created these memorable moments to draw upon when life gets complicated…it will bring a smile to your faces.  We came as City Slickers and we go home as Cowboys…wearing life vests!  Happy Birthday Lisa.

2 thoughts on “Paws Up In Montana

  1. Marriage proposals from cowboys and sporting clays under the influence!!! Sounds like the perfect birthday celebration as only could be had on STAT!

  2. Camping with a butler! Now that’s an idea I can go for,
    The pictures tell it all, looks like everyone had a great time.

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