Art, Music, and Ride for the Cure

Aspen is not the sort of place where you would go to get away from it all.  In fact, Summertime in Aspen is a very busy place to be.  

Between all the outdoor activities and nature at its best, there is the internationally renowned classical music festival running 9 weeks and Jazzfest in June and another on labor day weekend with incredible musicians taking the stage.

Artists from all over the world come here to work and play. Anderson Ranch hosts many of them as well as artist talks.  I had the opportunity to attend them all and here’s one to watch…Theaster Gates!  He is an artist, musician, and “cultural planner” from Chicago. He staged a live performance for an intimate group with his band, the monks from Mississippi.  It was truly “transformative” and that’s how he describes his work.  He is committed to the restoration of poor black neighborhoods, converting abandoned buildings into cultural spaces.   Another artist/musician to watch is John Oates as in Hall and Oates fame from my college days.  I was honored to be invited to an intimate performance at a friend’s house to benefit the Aspen songwriters foundation and all the amazing work they do. Getting involved in this community is a gift.  It renews my spirit and brings joy to every aspect of my life.  And our Ride for the Cure was the icing on the cake.  It’s a commitment to save lives and end breast cancer forever.  Ali and I combined our efforts and together we rode 40 miles up the monastery to deaf camp and back up heartbreak hill to the finish line.  We rode for those who can’t and next year we will do it again and up the ante to 100 miles!  God willing.

2 thoughts on “Art, Music, and Ride for the Cure

  1. I can just imagine all the wonderful people in Aspen who you share your life with.
    Lucky girl!
    You and Ali look fab! and are an inspiration! Keep in up, we all love you for all the great things you do.

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