Beach time in the Hamptons

After Labor Day and the beginning of the Fall season is the best time to visit the Hamptons.  Not only are the crowds gone and the traffic on Rt 27 releases its grip, but the weather is crisp and the beach is open to dogs at any time.  Sydney’s first time on a beach and she didn’t know what to make of the waves and sand beneath her paws but she loved eating the crab claws washed up all along the coastline.  And what better way to get to the beach without a pass but by bicycle…some of us have better style.  It’s always perplexing how just after one week into Fall that the pumpkins are so BIG and beautiful. How did that happen?  Another advantage of visiting after season is that you can eat without advance reservations for dinner… even at Nick and Toni’s.  Lunch at Babette’s was a different story. I bet you never knew that they have a dog menu… yup that’s right and Sydney was studying the choices. It’s a dog’s life in the Hamptons. Thanks for having us Di and we’ll be back soon in your sand-free zone house.

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