Buckskin Pass

My favorite hike in Aspen hands down is Buckskin.   This 17-miler presents a continuous visual buffet line of amazing mountain scenery. It’s a wildflower display especially in July with clear alpine lakes, cascading streams, beaver ponds, and endless mountain peaks including Snowmass, Pyramid and of course the Maroon Bells. An early start is key to avoid any adverse weather in the afternoons in the mountains. But we got lucky today with not a cloud in the sky.  We were a FIT group of 13 (12 girls and 1 guy taking the pic) and 5 dogs! But it’s a strenuous hike for sure especially starting at 9500 feet and going to 12,462 feet at the pass where you enjoy fabulous views of our yoga poses and of course Snowmass lake in the distance. The last time I did this hike, Sydney got quilled.  This time Lucy got quilled but what a trooper with that face.  

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