Yoga in Action Day

Yogi’s Unite for a donation-based exhilarating and inspiring class taught by my 2 favorite people and teachers in Aspen… Aaron King and Ashley Turner.  A glorious morning sun fueled the energy of this amazing community spirit to honor the work of Off the Mat Into the World, Cambodian Children’s Fund and AREDAY (American Renewal Energy Day).  It was the first day in weeks that the Colorado fires from the west were not present in the rocky mountainous skies.  Breathing the fresh air and opening our heart to the universe with synergy, DJ drumming and live music all contributed to bringing in the love. It challenges us to come together and practice to support causes to make the world a better place.  As quoted by Richard Branson,  “It’s unacceptable to accept things that are unacceptable in this world.” So today we helped eradicate sex slavery throughout the world by moving and breathing as one. Let’s continue to make a difference.

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