Tasmanian Devils

12 devilish ladies in the bush is just like it sounds and more.  It was absolute perfection. Although we didn’t see any actual Tasmanian devils, we do know they exist in extinction since 2008 because of a facial tumor disease that has taken the population down…good to know.


Tassie, as I now affectionately refer to this isolated island off Australia’s south coast known for its vast, rugged wilderness areas protected within parks and reserves surrounded by mountains and shimmering waters from the wineries outside of Launceston



to the capital city of Hobart’s MONA Museum all the way to Freycinet’s “friendly beaches”!  It was a non stop party as off the grid as you can be these days.  And with no cell service comes presence.  My girls were rock stars carrying 30 pound backpacks (felt like 50) hiking 7 hours a day completely immersed in the spectacular views (specie 360) from every vantage point practicing



yoga in unexpected places. The iconic overland track never saw the likes of this group of “topless in tassie” bush wacking ladies. IMG_7130 The walks were long rather steep and strenuous with exposed plateaus but the trails were immaculately cared for which made for smooth hiking but don’t look up for long! Leeches, Lizards and Snakes…OH MY!



With an occasional Wallaby hopping by.  From peaceful meditative solo walking to grueling stairways to heaven’s wineglass bay , we were “record smashers” if there was such a thing in sport hiking.



Serious challenging climb from Cook’s Beach to the top of Mt Graham with views of the Hazards pink rock outcrops through eucalyptus tree forests and southern grasses.  I heard the weather in Tassie can be pretty tough so luckily I called in for 10 day perfect temps.  The huts were warm and comfy and the perfect stage set for belly laughs.



I don’t think I laughed that much since the last STAT trip! While 4 days at Cradle took me out of my comfort zone with my heavy pack (never want to see anything in it again), the last 3 days in Freycinet National Park and Peninsula cemented my love for this place on the Tasman Sea. In between hikes luxuriating at Quamby Estates to regroup with some fine local hospitality and massage our well worked bods was a treat before we were on the road again for some culture this time.  The Museum of Old and New (MONA) is a must see!  It’s the baby of philanthropist David Walsh who is celebrated in Hobart as a visionary.  The $75 million museum is still expanding with art installations of ancient antiques showcased next to contemporary works that are sexy (77 cunts), provocative (bit.fall), disturbing (77 cunts),  and deeply engaging (James Turell).



Dining and Staying on premise in the beautifully articulated artist/architectural pavilions was the way to go. And an absolutely perfect Segway as we headed to the most beautiful beaches in the world where the laughter got even louder.  Some of us fished for dinner while flirting with Captain Obvious,



some swam in the freezing waters while others took their tops off for the universe to ponder.  Did I mention that we were off the grid? No cell service and even limited charging capability.  This in itself created the space and the energy for this group of ladies to come together like no other.  It was magical and moving the way we interacted and bonded from the get go.  It takes my breath away thinking of our last night at appropriately named “friendly beaches” how in preparation for our thanksgiving holiday, we gave thanks for each other and everything good and bad in our life for that moment and beyond.



Tears were plenty for this time we shared  in this magnificent place en route back to reality.  Oh the freedom to be out of touch in an untouched world as Tasmania.

A special shout out to our youthful guides Michelle, Gemma and Andy in the Cradle mountains and Sharna, Zoe, Hannah and sweet Danny in Freycinet’s Friendly Beaches.



I’m sure we’ve made you laugh louder and cringe harder than any other group in your time. Your Tassie spirit, prep and cooking skills were over the top.




Dilly Dilly!  IMG_7200

4 thoughts on “Tasmanian Devils

  1. Oh Erin, your STAT Trips get better and better for me! The love and the laughter, the beauty of Tassie and just being off the grid was spectacular!! It was worth every pound on my back! Thank you for all the sharing and caring that you create for us girls on your wonderful journeys in this world! I will always remember this adventure and all my Tassie girls with love…Dilly, Dilly!

  2. I honestly can’t remember the last time I gut laughed myself to tears that many days in a row – food for the soul with friends for life…hit me up again baby, stat trips are better than a budgie loose from smuggler. Xxx

  3. The hangover from a STAT trip is almost as good as the journey. The stark relief between our time together and reality is harsh, but reality is that much sweeter for the experience. Erin, you are a treasured gift to your tribe and those that get the privilege to adventure with you. I hope we get the chance to do it all again in some special specky spot. All my relations, Ali

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