The magic of Mallorca, one of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean known for its beaches, amazing landscapes, gorgeous mountains and the freshest of food, can be found everywhere.  But the true magic comes from an incredible group of 14 courageous women and our local amazing guides, chefs, yogis and massage therapists that graced their presence on us for a glorious 6 days of heaven on earth.  Everyone we met along the way passionately loves their Mallorca. They are wonderful at welcoming strangers as its part of their personality being that the island has been invaded by everyone from Phoenicians to Romans to Arabs and now hordes of tourists. Run don’t walk to Mallorca!

The underdeveloped charming city of Valldemossa was the scene of the crime…where our Finca was located 20 minutes up a dirt road where even the taxis got lost.  But Valldemossa was also where George Sand went with her lover Frederic Chopin in 1838 to help him fight TB and where he had a piano sent from Paris to compose in one of the former monastery cell.  Just setting the scene because that’s where the history stops and our crazy fun fueled ladies week begins!  And it never slowed down.  The laughing, the camaraderie, the bonding, the stories, the silliness

were in full bloom from the moment we settled into our rooms with roommates and shared bathrooms with our writer designated to the “out house” which turned out to be perfect!  Our finca was an old farm-house with tons of grounds from sea to shining see all the way to Palma and beyond.

The lemon trees, the lush plantings and flowers running down to the pool area gave us plenty of space to hang and get lost when we had the time between our hiking, biking, yoga, massage, cocktails, dinner and…. dancing with our chefs!  The scenario was epic.

IMG_0027Our first hike was a test (designed by our guides to size up my girls) from the picturesque small village of Orient all uphill towards the ruins of the castle of Alaro with views over the Tramuntana mountains. No surprise, we passed with flying colors.  And from then on, all the hikes were demanding with big long uphills through olive groves, pine and oak woods with rewarding views over the ocean and the mountain range. The same can be said of our bike rides along the pre-Tramuntana inland roads with undulating hills

through wine, olive, almond and carob tree plantations and typical mallorcan villages while enjoying the rural atmosphere of the island.  But the scenery was secondary when our late afternoon lunch time rolled around.  One such place was situated up in the middle of the mountains with mamasita cooking everything herself in the wood burning oven.  Even our picnic lunch hosted by the land organization we donated to protect,

know and love nature brought up by horse in baskets was authentic, typical and delicious. Another memorable late lunch in Deia where we (2 of us)

swam and enjoyed the freshest local fish you could imagine until “the rain in Spain didn’t stay mainly in the plain”!  But all good since we finished our ride dry.

And last but not least of our lunches after the most famous of hikes in Mallorca, the steps of the canyon of Biniaraix, was hosted by our over the top guides wearing chef hats while trying to teach us how to eat like a local.   IMG_0162

Meanwhile back at the finca where our massage therapists and yoga instructor awaits, IMG_8856we scurry on to our afternoon rituals reminding us who we are and cleaning energy so that we can listen and acknowledge the wisdom of deep knowing.  And if that isn’t deep enough and in no time at all, we were dressed, ready and back at the dining table for cocktails and to enjoy another unbelievable meal prepared by chef jeff and/or chef

Diego.  This group loved their food and the food did not disappoint from all local seasonal ingredients to the freshest of fish including sardines.  We were just so happy to be home and together eating, laughing, singing, and dancing… after a full day of activity.

IMG_8972Our one big night out in Deia, we ventured to La Residencia where we were treated to an art tour in the gallery and a dining experience.  It was a party on the party bus but when all is said and done…I truly miss our intimate dinners through the door of the finca where we bonded like no other STAT trip.


9 thoughts on “Mallorca

  1. The stat trip to Mallorca was nothing less than exhilarating. It was the perfect combination of physical activity in a spectacular setting only surpassed by the bond of sisterhood. Thank you Erin for taking us on this wonderful adventure that I will always cherish .

  2. Magical and packed with special women and spectacular memories. Love being a part of this cult!!!


  3. Another journey in the book!! STAT (& our friendship) renews my soul, touches my heart, and is empowering as challenges are met and friendships forged… not forgetting peaks to summit, stairs (all 20,000 of them) to climb and lots of wine, laughter, delicious food, wonderful women, and finally, much gratitude for our fearless leader. Thank you for helping us lead our best lives.
    All my relations…oxo

  4. Such an amazing trip!! The hiking was fabulous & perfect as was the biking. The food was amazing and the ladies were all so great , wonderful new friendships Thanks so much Erin for making the trip great. Very memorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⭕️⭕️

  5. Wonderful time , with great women , lots of laughs , beautiful setting, rigorous beautiful hikes and biking . Erin never falls short of all your expectations , amazing how everything is perfectly orchestrated . Can’t wait for my next STAT trip.

  6. I’ve learned that the more STAT trips you go on, the better they get! Mallorca was fabulous! To sum it up: not only could 14 women from all different backgrounds, all living under one roof for a week get along, but we were all so sad to leave each other and our magical cocoon. STAT trips foster true bonds and create deeper and new friendships. Any time, anywhere, I’ll be there!

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