Welcome to the Edge of Wildness at Nihi Sumba, an island off the coast of Indonesia with 4300 square miles of high plateau, forests and untouched beaches and its own challenging surf break for Minnie’s 50th birthday celebration.


I have been dying to experience this love of her paradise for years and it was certainly worth the wait with these sixteen incredible women brought together by invitation only.


There are no accidents in life as 16 is a magic number of introspection resonating with wisdom, independence and family.  The essence of this group encompasses it all as we organically bonded together over our love for Minnie and everything she represents.


The days were glorious with beach walks, surfing, yoga, swimming with horses!, hiking to waterfalls, trekking to the spa and preparing for serious theme night dress ups!


We were on the #funline but also on the Sumba train where we learned about all the wonderful things the foundation is doing to help alleviate the crushing burdens of poverty in the area with water, health and education projects including reducing Malaria infection rates by 93%.


Having this balance of awareness always makes a trip around the world more meaningful and fulfilling when in rock star celebration mode.  We all came together for a dream week-16 Ibus- creating memories and adventures of a lifetime.

May you surf off into the sunset in anticipation of all the fabulous celebrations of life to come.  With gratitude and love for this opportunity to share an extraordinary place called NIHI renamed MiNNihi!image1

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