Ojai or Oh Hi!

It was the perfect blend of nature and small-town charm in the heart of a region renowned for its beauty, spirituality and ecological harmonies. But that’s nothing compared to the incredible vortex of good energy my STAT badass ladies brought in to this place just 90 minutes north of Los Angeles.

Twelve STAT trippers in a private villa overlooking the Topa Topa mountains with a beautiful pool area surrounded by breathtaking nature for long weekend reset getaway. Yes, we were supposed to be in Bolivia but the pivot was the right call.

From the very first sunset together where the town’s famous “pink moment” appears over the mountains to the north to radiate a luminescent shade of salmon, we opened our hearts to each other and gave in to receive the healing vibes. The days and nights nourished our minds, bodies, souls with the good energy of this breathtaking place.

We enjoyed two different types of beautiful sound bath ceremonies led by pratitioners who graced us with their incredible voices and singing bowl talents. We were put in a meditative trance and the resonance carried on throughout the trip. And, as if private morning yoga classes weren’t enough, we woke up every day to the smell of coffee and delicious breakfast treats from our dream team chefs Bekah and Ashley, who kept us well-fed throughout the entire long weekend!

For three glorious blue sky days, our ever-ready hiking guide, Peter (and his trusty dog Miley!), scooped us up and led the way on the perfect rugged trails from Gridley to Nordhoff, Shelf Road to Cozy Dell, and into Sisar Canyon overlooking the Topa Topa bluffs.

If this all sounds too ‘woo-woo’ for you, just know that Ojai has been an epicenter for all types of healings for a long time – and you can feel it there. There are so many people with so much to offer. Every afternoon we enjoyed the variety of healing alternative treatments from straight deep tissue massage to energy readings, shamanic journeys, past life immersions, reiki, spiritual counseling, and a technique called marma which is reflexology for your nervous system!

Ojai was settled by the native Chumash 5,000 or so years ago and the city’s name derives from the Chumash word for “moon.” And evidently the orientation of the place, east-west rather than north-south makes it an electromagnetic vortex of good energy! We felt the power when we arrived and turbocharged it with a jolt of feminine energy!

All in all, we had a great time – so many good meals together, healing treatments and experiences, and so much fun with our kick-ass dance moves in Dutch’s party bus during our night out! I can still see the smiling and hear the laughter from the uninhibited configurations performed on the pole!

There’s no substitute in life for enjoying every moment with ease. And that’s what a STAT trip is all about. I’m honored and humbled to have hosted this special group of ladies on another journey towards enlightenment while having a damn good time. The bonds we made and the friendships we sealed only serve as icing on the (birthday) cake to the memories we created together.

One thought on “Ojai or Oh Hi!

  1. special time together. Love the line that there is no substitution for enjoying moments with ease. Thank you for providing the most special spaces for us to connect, bond, laugh and feel at ease… Love to all. xxx

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