Chillin in Chile

Chile is a long, narrow country stretching along South America’s western edge with more than 4,000 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline surrounded by the Andes mountains… the perfect backdrop for a Christmas/ New Year family trip with baby on board. After all, it’s summertime there but in Patagonia to the austral south with eternal ice and inverted waterfalls, the weather is always unpredictable.

We actually experienced all 4 seasons in one day but there’s no such thing as bad weather if you are dressed properly and we were. For 4 days we braved the elements and hiked, biked, rode horseback, fished, and enjoyed a traditional BBQ complete with singing and dancing with the extraordinary Torres del Paine National park as our backdrop.

Herds of guanacos graced the landscape running through the pampas to avoid getting eaten by the pumas.

Then we were off to wine country to experience what Chile is internationally well known for… succulent red wines and even a red wine bath!

For 3 days at the Vik Chile, it was poolside on the vineyard overlooking the Andes filled with wine tastings. We even foraged for a lunchtime cooking class and ventured off property to Francis Mellmann’s well known restaurant.

What a treat to be in this part of the world at such a beautiful celebratory time of year enjoying our family surrounded by other families doing the same. Truly grateful to have created the time to bond on this 10 day stretch. Having 3 meals a day together for this extended period of time can only bring you closer to the ones you love. Happy Healthy New Year and I look forward to sharing more in 2023.

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