Sydney gets Quilled!

It was a picture perfect day on top of  Maroon Bells but not for Sydney.  It was the natural curiosity of the Weimaraner that led to this unfortunate encounter with a porcupine.  Although most porcupines are peace-loving animals and will usually attempt to amble off when confronted, they will not hesitate to make their point. And this one put some 30 quills into Syd’s face! OUCH.

The hike up to Buckskin Pass (12,462 feet above sea level) is about  5 hours roundtrip on a good day.   The views are 360 degrees of the most photographed peaks in Colorado because they are the most spectacular mountains in the US.  They really are Postcard Perfect!

And take a look at the incredible mushrooms on the side of the trail.  They truly look like where the artist Jason Middlebrook got his inspiration  for his outdoor mushroom sculptures. It certainly added inspiration to our day. Love my hiking buddies. Thanks for all your love and support and good wishes for my Syd.  Hopefully, She learned her lesson and will stop to reconsider the next time she meets the odd-looking porcupine.

One thought on “Sydney gets Quilled!

  1. Oh, I can barely look at that beautiful peaceful face without feeling her pain. If she’s anything like you, Sydney will be right back on that mountain but much more aware of her surroundings. Looks like it was a glorious day!

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