127 hours…in St Bart’s and Anquilla

James Franco did not have the same 127 hours that we had island hopping from the luscious St Barth to the unblemished beaches of Anquilla.   It’s the Caribbean (sun, sand and rum) at its best especially for foodies.  There is something for everyone in food centric St Barth.  A couple of stand outs areContinue reading “127 hours…in St Bart’s and Anquilla”


Run, don’t walk to see this documentary film by Tom Shadyac, a true hollywood insider with films like Ace Ventura:Pet Detective, Liar, Liar, and Bruce Almighty,  when it comes out in February.   It is certainly the most inspirational and moving piece I’ve seen in a very long time and to hear Tom speak toContinue reading “I AM”